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Blue and Gold dinner candles

Blue and Gold dinner candles


Wanting to get a little more colour into your Christmas?


These sets of candles are all hand-dipped in different bold and bright colourways to bring a sense of cosiness and fun to your home.


Candles come in a pack of 3 of different shades of blue (teal, hawaiian blue and turquoise) and sparkling gold . All candles are unique due to the hand-dipping process and made with 100% pure paraffin wax, meaning they are non-toxic and fragrance free. Candle burn approximately lasts 7 hours.


    • Set of 3 dinner candles
    • H: 20cm, D: 2cm
    • 100% pure paraffin wax
    • Frangrance free and non-toxic
    • Burn time 7 hours
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