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"I've tried lots of different meditation and mindfulness classes, and I found this one to be the most effective."
"Libby hit the right tone throughout. She was so kind and gentle, it made everyone feel comfortable and content."
"I loved Libby's honesty, authenticity and the way she beautifully guided us through our drawing and mindfulness journey."
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What is Creative Mindfulness?

Creative mindfulness is a practice where we use experimental drawing techniques to help give us focus throughout different mindfulness and meditative practices.

Do I need to already practice mindfulness?

Not at all, everyone from beginners to those who are more experienced are welcome and I will guide you through the different practices and techniques. 

This can be a whole new way of experiencing mindfulness, whether you're brand new to it or practice regularly.

Do I need to be creative?

No. When our minds are so busy it can be difficult to quiet our thoughts, so we use the pencil to help have something to focus on. The outcome is not important at all though, and regularly we scrunch up our drawings at the end of the session and leave them behind to also help us leave all the tension in the room.

What are the benefits?

The more you practice mindfulness, the bigger the benefits. Regular mindfulness practice can help your brain be less reactive to situations you come across, and more curious about your feelings instead. This means that you can become better at navigating different situations and can be feel more grounded and calm.

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